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Bed Head Deep Waver


Want frizz-free, bouncy waves that last all day and night, then you will love bed head's 3/4 inch tourmaline ceramic deep waver. tourmaline technology leaves you with frizz-free shiny styles. ceramic technology provides high, even heat that penetrates hair from the inside-out, helping hair retain natural moisture for “frizz-free” styles.
  • Get the Look! The Wave Artist will give you distinctive masterfully sculpted waves. You will be the envy of the party.
  • Create Distinctive Waves
  • Instant heat recovery     
  • Professional flexi cord
  • Plate locking switch for easy storage and travel

Helpful Customer Reviews

1.   This was a great purchase! I also have a triple barrel iron. I got this one because I wanted bigger, beachier waves. This works perfect and is easier to use. I have very thin, super straight hair. Usually, my hair does not hold a curl at all. With this, the waves last all day and night and even look good the next day. It is very quick to do and makes my hair look so much thicker. I did my sister's the hair the other day and now she wants one for Christmas.

2.   I bought this to use on my daughter's hair. She has really long, thick hair. If you pick up the hair sections and use the iron, starting at the top,going down the hair shaft, it really does make large waves! I held the iron closed on each section, for a count of five. We put a little hair spray on it and it stayed for days! I wasn't sure if the weight of her long hair would hold the waves, but they did! It's worth the buy. It took about 40 minutes to do her entire head, so plan ahead...time wise!

3.  I have another waver, its a revlon triple barrel and it makes smaller waves than this but i wanted to try this one for the bigger beachy waves and it does wonderfully! Its also a little better to use than my revlon one because it has the black plastic at the tip that doesnt get as hot, so when i accidentally bump my arm with it i dont get burned as bad as when it happens with the revlon which is alllllllll metal. it heats up well and stays hot and gives consistent waves that last in my hair all day without using product, which i love. it does slowly start being less wavey but it doesnt lose too much of its waves throughout the day with no product. it might not last that well for others though but my hair tends to accept waves and crimps over curls a whole lot more, so they stay alot longer for me. i have very long, straight, thin hair if that helps.

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