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ISA Profesional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic.


The Victorya Flat Iron Hair Straightener is the best easiest styling tool for your hair.
Silky smooth hair is the ultimate achievement for your hair!

Solid Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron plates protect your hair and leave it silky smooth. You won't believe how silky smooth your hair will be. Tourmaline ceramic is the way to go!

The SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment changes based on your hair's thickness, texture, and styling needs. It will even change to higher when doing thick side pieces and lower when doing bangs and flyaway. Straighten without having to fiddle with temperature controls. Give your hair the quality it deserves with ISA Professional Tourmaline Ceramic hair products. Your loved ones will notice!

* 100% Solid Tourmaline ceramic plates
* SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment
* Universal Voltage
* Fast and safe straightening, curls, waves
* 360 degree no tangle cord
* Full 2 year warranty

The ISA Professional 1 Step VICTORYA Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener has plates made from 100% solid ceramic which enables salon quality hair straightening at home. Our 100% solid ceramic plate’s transfers heat faster and more evenly, for perfect results each and every time.

The SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment changes based on your hair's thickness, texture, and styling needs. Straighten the 1 Step VICTORYA Smart way. The unique shape of the ISA Professional Hair Straightener does more than just straighten your hair. You can also shape your hair into bouncy curls or glam waves with just the flick of your wrist. Beautiful and so simple!

Helpful Customer Reviews:

1.  I have naturally very curly, frizzy hair that is unruly unless I straighten it. I normally use a straightener on my hair every couple days or so, but I find that certain straighteners work better than others. The ISA Professional 1 Step Victorya Tourmaline Flat Iron works perfectly for my hair. It leaves it soft and smooth, and shiny as ever!

What are the features?

· SMART automatic temperature adjusts to your hair without you having to set a temperature
· 100% Solid Tourmaline Ceramic pivoting plates
· Universal voltage so that you can easily travel with it
· 360 degree swivel and no tangle cord
· Full 2 year warranty
· Emits negative ions to smooth and protect hair
· You can also give your hair soft bouncy curls or waves

How to use a straightener:
· Make sure your hair is thoroughly combed out
· Dry your hair completely
· Apply heat protectant
· Section your hair across your head length wise
· Work in one inch sections and comb out each section before straightening
· Place the iron at the root of your hair and close the plates, slowly pull the iron down the length of your hair
· Repeat the previous step one more time
· Continue for your entire head

My Opinions:
The ISA Professional Victorya Flat Iron has been absolutely wonderful for my hair. I find that my favorite feature of this straightener is the SMART technology that allows it to automatically adjust to your hair’s ideal temperature. This technology senses the thickness and texture of your hair and adjusts the iron’s temperature accordingly.

2. After using this for almost a week straightening out my hair, I gotten say that I'm loving this flat iron a lot. It is pretty awesome!! This flat iron is just the right size to hold in your hand along with being easy to maneuver as well. The color it came in too is very stylish as it resembles that of one of my black and red party gown that I like to wear with the outer part being black while the heating pads(where the clamps are) having a satin red type of color to make it blend pretty well with my other hair products.

Now unlike the other flat Irons that I've had, that has like different settings (high, low, or medium) for you to decide how hot you want them, this ceramic flat iron works by you just plugging the cord into the outlet and turning it on which it immediately starts heating up too to a certain degree. There is like a switch which you use to turn it on (which a red light will be lit to indicate it’s on) or off, and this next part is what I kind of found pretty interesting. You see once you turn the flat iron on and apply it to one of your hair strands, the temperature of the heat automatically adjusts to your hair type (Pretty Neat Right?). I mean you really don't find that many flat irons that does this. Just the other day, I was using this flat iron to straighten out my frizzy hair, and it did pretty well along with providing the sufficient heat to help keep it down that way. I've even flipped my hair with it too.

Overall, I found this flat iron to be quite a good one for providing a nice style to any type of hair along with providing the enough heat to fully keep it down so I will recommend this to my family and friends though I've already let my mom use it and she seems to really love it especially the automatic heat temperature adjusting part.

3.  The 100% solid red ceramic plates are heavy duty and grip/heat the hair evenly. I like the red plate design too as a little nod to Louis Vuitton heels. I was initially worried about the SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment but mustered up the courage to try it after using a little heat protect spray. The temperature setting worked well and never felt too hot. Since I don’t have super thick, curly hair, I felt like I could “push” more hair through the straightener than I normally do. This method not only worked well but saved a ton of time! There was minimal steam from using the product immediately after adding heat protect spray and not having to mess with a temperature setting to “get it right” for my hair was refreshing. The 360 no tangle cord is a must these days! ISA even includes a Velcro strap to keep the cord organized when stored. The full 2 year warranty is almost unheard of! With most products lasting less than a year these days, having a 2 year warranty is worth the price in my opinion.

I also liked that there was only one control button (on/off) with an LED indicator. Some straighteners have controls on the side or near the plates which is super frustrating when holding the product. The grip is also nice in the hand and I had no problems keeping the straightener where I wanted it at all times. There was no waiting for the straightener to heat up, within a few seconds it was already hot to the touch. In the pics above, it only took me about 10 minutes to achieve the after look.

The ISA Professional currently retails on for $129.00 (eligible for PRIME). I couldn’t find any cons to the straightener itself but for the price, I would recommend ISA to provide a travel size heat protect spray and travel case. Overall, this is a great gift for the holidays or an investment for yourself if you are looking to add to your hair tools.

I received free or discounted product in exchange for providing an unbiased review.

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