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New 2016! Hair Straightener Brush, Anti Static Ceramic Professional Stylist's Instant Magic Straight & Silky Hair.


Everyone desires for shiny, sleek, silky and straight hairs. Indeed, hair straighteners are the best choice for it. Since centuries, women having curly, frizzy hairs are using every technique to straighten their hairs. Techniques from ironing to using chemical products, which definitely don't last for long and even sometimes results in damaging their hair.

Our hair straightener is a product you will definitely not want to miss. It`s time to fulfill your wish for straight hairs. Our product doesn't affect your hair`s health nor even give you temporary smooth look like other products available in the market. This product helps you in getting rid of all these temporary and damaging techniques.

You definitely don`t want to use those unhealthy products which often result in split ends and hair falls therefore we are here presenting you Professional Antistatic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush by BeautiO which has the right features to make your hairs perfectly straight. Professional Antistatic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush is the only solution to get your dream hairs in real and to get rid of all your hair problems caused by using wrong products.

It is easy and a very quick way to get amazingly soft, silky and smooth hair which you desire in very little time. This is the most updated version produced for 2016 model which gives best performance in more efficient way while giving your hairs a natural straightened look. 2016 Professional Antistatic Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush is 100% safe and has very effective action for all types of hairs unlike other products. It is damage free, easy to use and it`s auto shutting off feature prevents your fingers from getting burned. This magic brush has everything you wished for, from impressive look to long lasting effect of straightened hairs. What else you can wish for!

Helpful Customer Reviews:

1.  This is the second hair straightening brush I owned. I must say this model exceeded my expectation. In comparison to a flat iron this cuts down my straightening time by half. I was able to completely finish my hair in just 5-10 minutes. I have naturally curly and frizzy waist length hair. It gets frizzier during the summer. I have a toddler now so gone are the days where I have 45 mins minimum just to do my hair. This tool definitely let me wear my hair down. I've been sporting the bun ever since I gave birth.

2. I prefer to shower in the evenings, so I start off every day with a lovely case of bed head. Traditional straighteners make my hair look limp, so I have been curious about straightening brushes as an alternative. This was my first time trying this type of product and so far I have been very impressed! It delivers a smooth result in half the time of a traditional straightener- you simply thoroughly brush your hair to remove tangles and then slowly brush through your hair in sections with the straightening brush. It is effective in turning my ends under slightly and does not make my hair look limp. It has a variety of temperature settings and I got great results in the mid-range.

3.  I do not have particularly curly hair. I have fine hair with just enough frizz/wave to be obnoxious. For years I have been curling my hair every morning to try to prevent frizz at my ends because traditional straighteners leave my hair looking too flat. This straightening brush is exactly what I needed to get out the door with minimal effort. It tames any frizz/bed head/waviness with minimal effort. My hair looks just like I walked out of the salon from a professional blow-dry.

It is pretty simple to use. Turn on and select the desired temp based on your hair type. It heats up pretty quickly (less than 2 min) and you simply brush small sections of hair. It does have a 60 min auto shut off feature which is very important to me (I am paranoid about forgetting to unplug). The instructions that come with it are a bit comical due to broken English, but it was pretty simple to understand. The only thing I would change is have the option to change from •C to •F- but that is nitpicky.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I am very pleased with this product and it has become part of my regular morning routine!

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