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Remington AC9096 Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer.

Get faster drying and professional results with the Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer. Infused with real SILK proteins, this advanced technology dryer smoothens frizz and leaves you with silky smooth salon styles every time. The dryer's salon quality AC motor provides maximum speed and power of airflow giving you 50% faster styling versus standard dryer without ion generator feature. The AC motor is also guaranteed to last, giving you a chic salon blow-out look for up to 4 years.

Dry and style your hair in no time with the Remington SILK Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer, ideal for all hair types. With SILK ceramic ionic technology, exclusive to Remington, the dryer generates ions that speed the drying process while protecting against damage and frizz. Tailor your styling routine with multiple settings and the included diffuser and concentrator attachments. The quiet, salon-quality AC motor ensures a long product life, so you can enjoy fast styling and beautiful style for years to come.

SILK Ceramic Technology for Salon-Quality Style

Get gorgeous results with SILK ceramic technology and the SILK ionic generator for fast, even, and gentle drying that won't damage your hair. This professional dryer produces 90 percent more ions than traditional models, helping to eliminate frizz and add healthy body to your style 50 percent faster than standard dryers without an ion generator feature.

Professional AC Motor for Fast, Consistent Airflow

The dryer's salon-quality AC motor has four times the lifespan of traditional dryers. With 1,875 watts, the motor generates the same powerful airflow found at salons and runs quietly for a comfortable experience.

Multiple Settings for Drying and Styling

Blow dry and create your style with three heat settings and two speeds at your fingertips. Use high heat and speed for drying your hair and lower heat and speed for styling. The Cool Shot function sets your style with a cool stream of air--simply press the button to activate cool air and release the button to return to heated airflow.

Concentrator and Diffuser for Straight or Curly Styles

The dryer includes two attachments: an airflow concentrator for smooth, straight styles and an airflow diffuser for defined curls. The attachments connect easily to the dryer nozzle.

Helpful Customer Reviews:

1.  This hair dryer has the potential to be one awesome hair dryer - virtually perfect. There is one HUGE complaint that I personally cannot overlook, and if you have long hair, chances are you won't be able to overlook it either.

There is no cap on the end where the air is sucked in. This means it constantly sucks your hair into the motor of the dryer! I actually had to cut my hair off of the dryer 3 times while using it. I then had to twist off the metal screen and try to get the caught hair out of there. The whole time I was drying my hair, it kept sucking it into the end and twisting it and yanking it out, as it gets caught in the fan in there. They need to add a cap for the end, no doubt about it.

My hair is long, past the middle of my back and layered. It just kept getting sucked in and yanked repeatedly, every few minutes. I was blow drying my hair the same way I always do with my other hair dryer. I couldn't get the nozzle to my scalp to get at the roots for lift, because all the rest of the hair would get sucked in the back of the dryer. It was so annoying. Sometimes it would just be a few hairs and they would snap off but the times I had to actually cut the hair free, it was pretty thick sections and I could not pull it out/loose without ripping the lock of hair straight off my scalp. So I just cut it off as close to the dryer end as I could. Pretty disappointing.

Otherwise, this is an amazingly great hair dryer. The shape/design is sleek and it is the perfect size. Not too big, and not too small. It has great power and is not too loud at all. Honestly, my hair looked and felt so good after using this dryer. I used the same styling products as always, so the only thing I can attribute this marvelous hair day to, is this hair dryer

2. Okay overall I love the feel of the blow dryer in my hand, the handle is awesome. I like the three speeds, the hot, warm and cool. I like the cool burst. I like the ion equalizer. The diffuser works well. The back pops off easily for cleaning. My hair looked great when I was done. One time when I had my hair flipped over and was blow drying upside down my hair got sucked into the back of the dryer through the vent. I panicked since I was getting married in a week and my hair actually had to be cut off. Sad thing is the hair got sucked in twice more. Otherwise great dryer, just be wary of the rear vent.

3.  I have to say, this dryer is amazing! I have long, thick, naturally curly hair, and I use a hair dryer a few times a week with a round ceramic brush to straighten it. I previously had a $150 professional grade dryer (5 years, and it finally died), and I did some research prior to buying a new one to see if I could save that expense. I bought this dryer and I was shocked that it actually worked BETTER than my $150 dryer! My hair is softer, the blow out lasts longer, and it dried faster than my old dryer. Must buy! If it works on my difficult to straighten hair, it will definitely work on anyone’s!

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