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Remington CI95AC2 T Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

Remington CI95AC2 T Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand


Gorgeous salon-created curls are a breeze with the new T Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand. Featuring a high-tech ceramic wand infused with real pearl, this patent-pending technology provides the most advanced ceramic surface for the smoothest glide on the market. Your hair is left smooth and silky with a luminous luster. This must-have styling tool offers easy-to-read digital controls and heats up to salon-standard 410 F so you get picture perfect curls that last all day. The multi-functional tool has a cone shaped design offering a variety of dimensions to meet your style needs.

The Remington T, Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand combines advanced technology and high-performance ceramic coatings with real crushed pearl to create a curling wand that delivers professional, salon-quality results. It quickly reaches a temperature of 410 degrees and has a high-tech, 1.5-inch barrel with ceramic coating to help you effortlessly achieve super sleek, high definition curls--without snagging or catching.

Remington's Pearl Collection

Featuring straighteners, styling wands, and hair dryers, Remington's luxurious Pearl collection harnesses the precious power of pearl and Advanced Ceramic technology to create hair you can't help but touch.

Ceramic: the Styling Wand Essential

If you want to achieve salon-quality hair from your own home, meet the Pearl Styling Wand. Ceramic has become the big buzz word in hair wands--that's because ceramic improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even throughout the entire wand, so there are no hot spots.

Ceramic also creates an effortless glide with no snagging, making it easier to achieve the style you want. Plus, it ensures long-life wear, protecting the barrel against styling products and scratching.

Effortlessly Style Curls and Waves

Whether you're lusting after loose waves, a fun-and-flirty flip-do, or just a few bouncy curls, the Pearl Ceramic Wand has you covered. Easy to use; just wrap and go!

This styling wand's design helps you achieve your best style every day. The wand's barrel is conical shaped, tapering and thinning out at the end. This means the curls at the ends of your hair are smaller than those nearer to the roots, giving you a natural look that holds the shape of the curl better. And unlike traditional tong clamps, this wand's smart shape won't get in your way while you're trying to style your hair.

Heats up Fast and Stays Locked on Temperature

The Pearl Styling Wand helps you stay in control with a variable heat control ranging from 270-410 degrees Fahrenheit. With its easy-to-read digital display and temperature lock, the wand lets you decide the heat level that's right for you, then secures it with the LCD lock to prevent the temperature from changing during use.

And for added convenience on those busy mornings, the wand doesn't take long to reach its top heat--it's ready to go in just 30 seconds.

Safe, Easy Use with Auto Shut-off Function

If you've ever left the house and worried that you forgot to switch off your wand, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Pearl Styling Wand's auto shut-off function takes effect after 60 minutes. And to help you work safely, the Pearl Styling Wand has a cool tip and comes with a bonus styling glove to help keep your fingers safe while you style your hair.

The Pearl Styling Wand is backed by a four-year warranty.

Helpful Customer Reviews:

1.  I am not a hair stylist, nor do I consider myself someone "good" at hair. This is actually the first time I've purchased and/or handled a curling wand (vs. curling iron) and this picture was taken immediately after my first attempt at using this product. I think my hair in this pic is by no means perfect but it's clear that this wand does what it's supposed to! Yes, it took a second for me to understand how to use it, but to all the one-star reviews I've read - don't blame the product, blame the user. After watching a couple tutorials I'm sure I'll prefect the technique but I am already in love with it! Great product, great price, fast delivery :)

2.  I read a review on here that said, "Curls that will make you want to slap your Momma!" Well I walked around saying that all day after I curled my hair with this wand! I would have paid $100 for this!! It really is amazing and easy to use! I used it at a wedding this weekend and fixed 4 girls' hair and it stayed hot and worked perfect! I also fixed my hair on Friday morning and was able to rock it until Sunday!! The curls were amazing! I got compliments left and right!!

3.  It comes with a heat protestant glove (which if you're wary about using this kind of curling iron, it's a big plus over the glove-less, equally priced Conair version) but I've used many an iron and didn't feel the need to use it. The first time I used this, I did accidentally burn my finger and the ends weren't curled perfectly, but after that first session I've been a pro. I love the variety of waves you can get with the barrel size, as well as how quickly I can do my hair! I've never been able to style it in 10 minutes before (the exact amount of time before I had to dash out the door or face being late to class, a gamble that paid off), and since you don't waste time carefully arranging it in the clamp, it's easy to grab a random section of hair and wind it around. My hair keeps its shine and has great springy curls that relax into natural looking waves as the day goes on.

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